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Target reached - in four hours!

by Martin Aspeli last modified Oct 23, 2007 08:15 PM

You guys are awesome!

Wow. Sometimes I forget how cool the Plone community can be.

It took exactly four hours for my goal of $578 to be reached. I'll be going to Denmark now to work on making Plone faster. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed!

The contributors were –

  1. Hanno Schlichting
  2. Florian Schulze
  3. Kari Gjøstøl (my mum, who wins special bonus points for opening a PayPal account for this)
  4. Kurt Bendl
  5. Alexander Limi
  6. Geir Bækholt
  7. Alec Mitchell (who's the only one that demanded his money's worth - I'll do my best)
  8. Jean-Pascal Houde
  9. Jon Stahl
  10. David Convent
  11. Erik Forsberg
  12. Juan Pablo Di Lelle
  13. Matthew Bowen
  14. Jeffrey Steele

I am truly humbled and looking forward to seeing some of you weekend after next!

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sorry i was too lame...

Posted by at Oct 27, 2007 03:06 PM
...but 4 hours are somewhat easy to miss. anyway, it's great you're coming, so thanks guys! :)
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