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Support the Plone Strategic Planning Summit

by Martin Aspeli last modified Jan 15, 2008 07:55 PM

A little donation goes a long way!

A little while, a lot of generous souls donated some money to get me to Denmark for a Plone sprint. That resulted in some great work on speeding up Plone's folder implementation, slated for Plone 4. Right now, though, there are more important things happening: the Plone Strategic Planning Summit.

This is an event where core developers, integrators, customers and third parties get together workshop-style to discuss the future of Plone. Many of the pain points that we already know about - and doubtlessly many more - are on the agenda: things which directly affect you as a Plone user, developer or integrator. The whole thing is professionally run and organised by the great people at One Northwest. I have no doubt that it'll be the most important Plone meeting we've ever had.

Now, many of us are coming from afar (the Summit is in Mountain View, California), and have high travel costs that we can't get covered elsewhere. The Plone Foundation has set up a pledge drive to help cover travel costs for key participants with a long way to go. The Foundation will match the final sum to up the total.

So far, we are only just shy of $2,000, which is great, but not enough to support the estimated four or five people who are coming across the Atlantic on their own expense.

We (not at least I) would be very grateful if you could chip in. Even a little money goes a long way - and remember, the Foundation will match your donation.

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