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Support Tarek in coming to Plone conference

by Martin Aspeli last modified Aug 27, 2008 09:58 AM

We really want him there, trust me.

Tarek Ziade is asking for a bit of support from the community in coming to the Plone Conference in Washington this year. We absolutely should chip in to pay for his flights. Over the past year, Tarek has gone from an outsider (mainly working with CPS) to becoming one of the most prolific, kick-ass Plone developers around.

Off the top of my head, he has:

  • Championed ZopeSkel and helped make it a hugely useful tool.
  • Worked on PloneSoftwareCenter and the new to make our external products story much better.
  • Released numerous products to help us manage eggs and buildouts.
  • Written a book about advanced Python development.

This will be the first Plone conference where Tarek is a full-time Plone developer. I think we should welcome his experience and point of view, as someone who's been on the other side of the fence with CPS and someone who's worked tirelessly to make Plone more accessible to integrators and developers.

I've chipped in. So should you!

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