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Professional Plone Development - now an e-Book

by Martin Aspeli last modified Jan 03, 2008 06:53 AM

Packt Publishing release a PDF e-book version of Professional Plone Development

By accident, I discovered that Packt are now selling an e-Book version of my book, Professional Plone Development. For a time, they halted the publication of e-Books due to piracy concerns. The good news is that the books are not seriously hampered by DRM. The PDF is encrypted with a password, and you can't copy its text electronically, but you can print, read and, crucially, search. The lack of copy-and-paste shouldn't be an issue, since the book's accompanying source code is more complete and easier to borrow from, and is of course not restricted in any way.

Packt do a bundle for about $40 where you can get both the dead-tree and the electronic version of the book, or you can buy them individually, for $36 (paper) and $23 (PDF), respectively.

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Just bought the bundle

Posted by at Jan 10, 2008 05:48 AM
Seriously, the free articles on your website are worth the book's price alone! My first impression of the book is it fits me perfectly, because it is assuming exactly the right amount of previous knowledge, and I'm looking forward to work it through and learn about Plone 3 as a newcomer. I especially like the fact that you concentrate on the topic and refer to other resources where appropriate, instead of writing small introductions to CSS, Python and other stuff which is already well documented elsewhere. Just one suggestion, maybe you could include a repoze-based deployment approach as an alternative if you ever write a second edition. Of course that wasn't out yet when you wrote the initial book. Overall, thumbs up for this very cool book.

EBook is a huge help

Posted by at Apr 21, 2008 03:15 PM
Martin's book is a gem - well-written, logically organized and incredibly useful as a reference. The only problem with it was the space it took up in my backpack during trips. Now, with the eBook, its problem solved. Nice to see an author willing to put his work out there WITHOUT DRM that makes the whole thing useless - striking instead a reasonable balance that makes the book a great online reference. Searchability alone makes it far better than the print version.

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