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Google loves Plone

by Martin Aspeli last modified Dec 01, 2007 12:53 PM

The proof!

I've never been big into SEO (search-engine optimisation), the black art of tweaking websites so that they appear high in search engine (read: Google) results. We have been touting Plone's SEO-friendliness for a while - readable URLs, well-structured markup, good use of meta tags, and so on. For this site, however, I've never made any conscious attempt at search engine promotion.

A few days ago, I posted an article here (and this is a Plone site) called A Java Component Architecture. Today, I Googled this topic again, by searching for "Java component registry". Local results may vary, but at the time of writing, that very blog post is the first hit on Google.

I'm sure it helps that I'm linked to from, which itself probably has a very high Page Rank. I'm sure it also helps that those three words aren't terribly common in combination (see the article), though it does produce 1.94m hits.

All very unscientific, I know, but interesting anecdotal evidence nonetheless.

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