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by Martin Aspeli last modified Dec 09, 2007 11:09 PM

Old song, new demo recording

This weekend, I recorded an old song called Dichotomise. I'm not much of a recording engineer, nor much of a drum programmer, but here it is. That file may change over the next few days if and when I improve the mix.

This file is Copyright (c) 2007, Martin Aspeli (that's me). Please do not redistribute, reproduce or re-record or re-anything without my written consent. Sorry, not open source love here.

The track was recorded using Tracktion 3 on my MacBook, with Sample Tank 2 LE providing the bass and drums and my Variax going through Amplitube LE producing the guitar sound. The vocals were recorded with a Røde NT1, going through Mackie Final Mix.

I hope you enjoy it! Feedback (especially the constructive kind) is welcome!

Lyrics (more or less) and chords below:

 - Dichotomise -
by Martin Aspeli, Easter 2004

Tuning: DADGAD

So I [Dmaj7]heard all the words, all the time, you were going to [G]let me down
[Dmaj7] Sure enough here I am in a [G]ditch
And you [Dmaj7] fill me up all full of your good expla[G]nations
[Dmaj7]Baby, your best laid plans went off without a [G]hitch

[A] Don't dichotomise, [G]baby
[A] Things are never so black or so [G]white
[A] Fill me up with hope, all the, one-day-[G]maybes
[A] Tell me everything you do is gonna be all [G]right

But [A]you, you turn my [G]whole world inside-out
	Forget what [F]love was all [G]about and pretend I'm [D]fine
And [A]you know, that all the [G]stupid things I do
	It's all just [F]crying out for [G]you, I don't know [D]why

(As verse)

So I felt all the hurt of the dirty plans that you made for me
Many days before you came around
And you told me once that really you weren't the one to blame
That it'd all be the same when it all came down

I over-analyse, maybe
But things are never so black, or so white
And fill me up on love, all the one-day-maybes
Tell me everything we do's gonna turn out all right

But you, you turn my outsides back in
    It's easy, I just let you win, and we'll be fine
And you know that all these desperate things I do
    It's all just crying out for you, and I don't know why
(As verse/intro)

{Bridge + Chorus 1}


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Nice work!

Posted by at Dec 10, 2007 01:12 AM
You're a man of many talents :)

soundin good!

Posted by at Dec 10, 2007 02:29 AM
Nice guitar work and vocals.. ;-)


Posted by at Dec 10, 2007 05:28 PM
Alternate tuning to boot.

Good listening :)

Posted by at Dec 12, 2007 04:26 AM
Yeah, thought it was great. I'm not normally a garage fan (hope that is what this style is :) but I enjoyed your piece!

-Tim Knapp
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