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Chip in to my travels to the Copenhagen Performance Sprint

by Martin Aspeli last modified Oct 23, 2007 06:00 PM

A study in Web 2.0 greed, or social source, or both...

There is a Plone Performance Sprint in Copenhagen November 1-4. I really said I wasn't going to go, but Malthe, Andreas and Sasha convinced me. If I can raise the money for the ticket (which I've already bought, but may have to cancel if I can't afford to go) I'll be there for three out of the four days. The number in dollars is scary, due to the insane exchange rate, but hopefully we can get enough of the way there that I'll be able to go and help make Plone faster!

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Update: The widget from ChipIn seems a bit wonky. I'm actually about 80% of the way there now, even if it says there's not been any money in. Take a look at this page instead.

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Posted by Anonymous User at Oct 24, 2007 05:47 AM
great news.

 An installed by default good caching strategy would be welcome, even it is not "performance".
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